SDI Decoders

Decoding, Network Protocol Translation, Transcoding, Redefined.

T-21’s adaptable and economical SDI Decoders are ideal for broadcasting over both private and public networks.

9261-D blue box Decoder

  • Universal network protocol support
  • HEVC, AVC and MPEG 2 decoding
  • 3G SDI and HDMI output

9261-OG openGear Decoder

  • Same functionality as 9261-D blue box Decoder
  • 20 cards per 2 rack unit openGear chassis
  • Dashboard™ and web UI control and monitoring

RM-01 openGear Rear Module

  • 100% chassis utilization (20 cards per chassis)
  • Universal T-21 openGear Encoder and Decoder support
  • Full size BNC connectors with HDMI for Decoders

RM-01 openGear Rear Module